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Break Free of the Hustle and Build a "Whole Human Business" So You Can Work Less, Profit More, and Enjoy Life!
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Break Free of the Hustle and Build a "Whole Human Business" So You Can Work Less, Profit More, and Enjoy Life!
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I remember the feeling like it was yesterday . . .

I was pregnant with my son and my parents were taking care of my daughter so I could work late (again).

And when I went to pick her up, my dad said those words that stopped me in my tracks... 

“Kelly, when will it be enough?”

I quickly said, “Oh I just need to get to this next goal and I’ll finally be able to slow down.”

Then he said, “She misses you, Kelly.”

It felt like a knife in my heart.

And if YOU are an ambitious, high-achieving business owner, you might be feeling the way I was:


How can I scale? I feel like I need to have my hands on everything right now.”


“I’m tied to my social media, but how else am I supposed to get new clients?”


“I don’t have the balance I want between being a mom and being an excellent leader.”


“I’m trying to grow, but I feel stuck. Is it me?”


”Everything is inconsistent. I feel like I’m all over the place.”


“I love what I do, but I’m getting burned out.


“If I could JUST get consistent revenue every month, I could breathe a little and relax.”

Are You Caught in the "Hustle Trap?"

It happens to so many business owners, especially women. 


Society tells us that being busy is a GOOD thing…


That women can “have it all” IF they work hard enough (yeah, right!)...


And I believed it. 

Hi, I’m Kelly and I am your resident recovering “head down pusher-througher.” On the surface I had it all together. I had been running a successful network marketing business for more than a decade and was highly respected in my company. But on the inside, I was struggling. I had become so addicted to achievement that I was neglecting my relationships and my health. 

That’s when my body forced me to stop.

I got so caught up in my big goals and dreams, thinking the freedom I wanted in my entrepreneur life was on the other side of “one more”- one more launch, one more month-end push, one more promotion, one more client call, one more late night, one more burst of massive action and THEN I can have the income and space to breathe and finally BE.

But it was never enough. I told myself I was making short-term sacrifices for long-term gain…But my short term sacrifice was becoming who I was. And I was burned out, exhausted, and making myself sick. 

That moment with my dad was the reality check that made me realize that SOMETHING had to change. My kids needed me. I had big dreams, but I was sacrificing everything to my business and these precious moments were passing me by.

So I asked myself...


"What Do I REALLY Want?"

I started looking around to see WHO was doing it right, and how I could model what they were doing. 


I was inspired by Brendan Burchard, Marie Forleo, Brene Brown, and other industry leaders who were focusing on not just how to grow a business, but to stay true to yourself while doing it. 


And I discovered that successful business owners have THREE things in common: 


✌️They THINK Different✌️

When you have PEACE, when you align to your inner expectations and you know what you really want, your outer world responds to meet it. 


✌️They ACT Different✌️

When you know your PURPOSE and have an unwavering belief in knowing who you are, who you serve, how you do it and why your contribution start to take confident, consistent, and powerful action to match your belief. 


✌️They BUILD Different✌️

And when you’re fueled by PEACE and PURPOSE, you PROFIT because you know the right things to do at the right times. You know the strategies and systems to put in place. 


And you can do it without burnout, without compromise, without missing out on the things that are important to you.

Because GUESS WHAT, lady???



Not a content-posting machine. Not just a high-achieving businesswoman. A whole human. And you deserve to enjoy your life AND your business, instead of hustling and sacrificing so that “one day” you can breathe. 


When I realized this, I QUIT my job that I had spent 10 years pouring my heart and soul into and started a new business. I knew I had to bring this message to so many women out there. 


And after running several shorter, 6 and 12 week courses helping women achieve success…

Despite All That Success, The ONE thing they said was, “We want MORE!”


Because it's not just about "learning" this stuff. It's about breaking lifelong habits and building something different, which takes time. 


That's why I created...


 There are two core parts to the program - binge watch vs. consistent action/peace/purpose.


And here’s what happens when you combine them:

Here’s how it works...

After having courses that were only 12 weeks, I realized the women I was leading were so busy trying to learn all they could in those 12 weeks they were never given the opportunity to implement and master what they were learning. 

We were just getting started!

Not only does it take practicing using a tool or strategy more than once for it to become ingrained in how you do business, but you also can’t just bippity-boppity-boo your way to the habits and mindset shifts needed to build your business either.

It takes time to unlearn these habits and get your reps in on your strategy.

You need support and accountability to do that.

The time frame of 6 months takes the pressure off because you have time to learn, grow and breathe while still seeing fast results!

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Here’s what you’ll get:

Live weekly trainings to support you in your implementation and mastery


Each week we will have a Live Teach & Implementation call. These calls will consist of 3 parts.

  1. A Peaceful practice - an exercise that will align you to what you want most and to do it with peace
  2. Live teach -  I will be teaching a concept based on the Peaceful Performer Foundational Framework
  3. Implementation - where we take action on the call and in community walking away confidently in momentum with a challenge to implement and practice the skill you learned that day.

This is your opportunity to get in touch with your peace and purpose WEEKLY and continue filtering all your business decisions through them. 

I will only teach you what I know will bring the maximum ROI on your time and energy.


Live group coaching sessions every week


Each week we will also have afternoon and evening sessions of group coaching calls. 

This will be your opportunity to be coached by me in WHATEVER you need that week to continue taking action and practicing with the tools you are being taught.

This is where the real transformation happens - every new step you take toward your goals we will filter through your peace and purpose together. I will help you make sure your communication is tight and you are consistently focusing your energy on what matters.


Value $24,000+

But the training is just the beginning of what makes the program so magical. 


You ALSO get...

Guest expert speakers every month from my network of leaders in their fields


I’m bringing you the of leaders in my network. Every month they will be bringing the best of what they know and leave you fired up to go do the dang thing!


Value $3,600+

Peaceful Performer Content Library with new trainings, swipe files, tutorials and bonus workshops that is constantly being updated


This is the Netflix of trainings and resources I WISH I had. This content library contains support you need to confidently take action on what you need to do to move the needle in your business and provides tutorials and swipe files so you aren’t starting from scratch! 

The best part? We are always adding new things!


Value $5,000+

Ongoing support and a Mastermind-like community of women in our Mastery Facebook Group


This is not your average Facebook group. It’s where we share encouragement, win and cheer each other on! It’s also where you can ask questions between calls so you continue taking action and even do market research on your ideas! It’s a whole vibe in there.


Value $1,500+

Access to 12 foundational modules that lift the veil of what I’ve learned the hard way and want to pass on to you including:


  • How to get clear on your authentic vision for your life and business, simply by asking yourself the right questions and uncover your biggest domino to building a profitable business fueled by your peace and purpose.
  • Embrace your unique wiring and start to intentionally lead yourself through high-performing mindset shifts, habits, and self-awareness.
  • Recognize the roadblocks in your priorities that have been slowing you down & the action steps that bring the biggest results.
  • Learn my 7 step framework to setting big goals and hitting them in a systematic way.
  • A complete mini-course in discovering your niche and nailing down your ideal client, your unique solution and your market research plan to get you the answers you need.
  • Build a brand that stands out and highlights the consistent conversations your ideal client needs to have in order to experience a transformation.
  • Master you message through written and video content to attract THE ONE and convert them to a client.
  • How to use your personal story as a way to build your brand and create a plan for sharing it with the world.
  • Creating your content strategy and using social media to organically connect and engage with your ideal client.
  • Conquer limiting beliefs, build your confidence, and develop the skills you need to master your sales conversations and generate consistent profit without feeling salesy.
  • How to have a healthy and committed relationship with the finances in your business.


Value $8,000+


All Access Pass to the very FIRST live, full day Peaceful Performer Immersion hosted by Kelly Brock Co


  • VIP Workshops with Kelly Brock on Visioneering, Becoming the Go-To Girl, and Getting Your Priorities on Paper
  • Guest expert workshops on copywriting, life and business rhythms to skyrocket your efficiency, social media success, emotional awareness and business finances

At the end of the day, you will walk away with the foundation you need to start taking action and achieving FASTER results as you enter Peaceful Performer Mastery!

Value $1,997+


What could aligning your business with your life be worth?


To you . . . your relationships . . . your health . . . your finances?


Finding fulfillment in the day to day instead of waiting to arrive.


Greater intention and happiness in your marriage, with your kids, and in your friendships.


Keeping promises to yourself by practicing what your mind and body need to produce the level of excellence you know you are capable of.


Consistently growing your profit and stewarding it in a way that makes a difference.

Jennifer earned more in the first month of Mastery than the 4 months before AND took a vacation!


Jennifer earned more in the first month of Mastery than the 4 months before AND took a vacation!

Lena started a brand new business and quickly scaled to 9k months and had a 21k launch of her first group coaching program


Take me to the application!

"But what if I don't get the results I'm looking for?”


My promise to you:


If you fully commit, use all of the resources at your disposal, are taking consistent, messy action and still aren’t seeing results, my team and I will do everything we can to make sure you are heading in the right direction and have the tools you need to do it. 


You are more than just a name on a list or a number on a spreadsheet to me.


My team and I are constantly checking in on everyone’s progress and giving anyone that needs it the encouragement or support they need to get out of Mastery what they signed up for.

If you don’t do something now, what will you get more of?


More stress?



Feeling stuck on the hamster wheel of going hard and then burning out?


Business doesn’t have to be all or nothing. 


There is a different way and I want to show you how.


Send Your Application

Here’s the thing: I can kind of see into the future. And it’s important I share with you what I see. 

First, the way the job market is going, there will be no more powerful and income producing skills than self-awareness, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. You better embody them all to win in business. I got you, I will teach you that.

Here is the other thing: You can see into the future too. Imagine for a second that you keep doing what you are doing right now for 5 more years. What will you get more of? Where will you end up? Does it feel depressing, painful and small?

Now imagine, you make a shift. You embrace not only a whole new way of thinking, but a whole new way of BEING. You shift YOU, the YOU that leads your business and everything follows suit in response. Does it feel magical, magnetic, abundant?

Both are available for you but I want to show you how to step into all of your expansive possibilities by helping you embody this shift in Peaceful Performer Mastery!