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A membership for women like YOU who are ready to start living their best life with peace, purpose, and profit.


Meet the girlfriends you never knew you needed in your life!


I'm in, Kel!

Join the Peace Posse 

A membership for women like YOU who are ready to start living their best life with peace, purpose, and profit!

I'm in Kell!!

Imagine having a six-figure earning entrepreneur who spent a decade in leading women in business coaching you on how to live your life with more peace, purpose, and profit . . . all for the cost of a manicure?!

In order to move from anxious achiever to peaceful performer, you have to create habits and ask yourself the hard questions.

By using my 3 step process to more peace, purpose, & profit in your life!


Step 1: We are going to get CLEAR on the life YOU want.


Step 2: We will CLEAR THE PATH of what has been in the way


Step 3: We will CONFIDENTLY create the LIFE you want!! 

Let's DO this!

Does this sound like you?

  • No matter how hard you try, you aren’t showing up as the version of yourself you want to be.


  • You keep sacrificing your time, energy and your priorities for what you say is a season, but time is passing and you are watching yourself live out of alignment.


  • You are the woman who secretly dreams of a life that matters but you are paralyzed in fear. Too afraid to take a step and risk failing. 



No more waiting! I'm in!!

But wait . . . does this sound like you too?

  • You want to level up your community, but where you do you find those women who can lift you higher?

  • Dreaming big comes easy but the “doing” consistently is tough. You need accountability! 

  • You consume - watch, learn, listen, think - hoping one day it will just click. But instead you have even deeper disappointment knowing and not taking action.

  • You are tired of feeling unsatisfied and are ready for breakthroughs that allow you to love your life!

Are you ready do the transformative work that is required to create change?

Want to walk through life with the fundamental tools to call upon in any moment that allows you to break chains of past patterns and walk with ease and peace into a life that feels aligned?

You don’t need to wait till tomorrow!

How has that procrastination served you up until now? You think “tomorrow” will be more abundant somehow.

But what happens is “tomorrow” eventually becomes a “today” and you are met with the truth that change always feels uncomfortable and can only happen when you win the moment you are in.

I get it. Change can feel like it will cost us so much.

But the cost of changing today is a bargain compared to what it will cost you tomorrow.

The Time is Now!

Hi! I'm Kelly!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve at the highest level, unless it comes at the expense of your health and harmony.

On the surface, I had it all together.

I had been running a successful network marketing business for more than a decade and was highly respected in the field. But on the inside, I was struggling. I had become so addicted to achievement that I was neglecting my relationships and my health.

And that’s when my body forced me to stop.

I spent the last decade doing it the hard way. In the last 6 months I've built a 6-figure business. Now I want to help you do it with peace! I have figured out how to make this work with ease and now I want to help you do the same.

I could keep spending my time and money building my business but that isn't going to make the world a better place. I am on a mission to help you build the business you deserve so we can impact more lives together.

Are you in?!

Yes, girl! Sign me up!

Here's What You Get When You Join Us 

(only $32/month):

A LIVE group call hosted by Kelly teaching each month's theme. 

Instant access to all previous content from prior months.

value: $1500

2 AMAZING guest experts teaching you on the month's topic.

value: $997

Access to our community group through a private Facebook group & personal contact with me.



Breakthrough the BS and become a leader people will follow

Learn to own your NOW so you can faithfully handle your NEXT

Discover awareness of your emotional blindspots to move through conflict and create more choice in your life


So, what's holding you back?

Did I mention you could cancel anytime?

You deserve to walk a path with more peace, purpose, and profit and do it alongside other women lifting you up and building community every step of the way!

Ready to get started?

Investment: $32/month

**cancel anytime**

Today is the day! Everyone deserves to live in peace and I want to give you the opportunity to work with me at an affordable price!

I'm ready for my ✌️!

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