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I teach purpose-driven female business owners how to build profitable businesses without losing their peace.

Learn my signature framework to be able to lay your head down at night saying, "I'm really doing it."

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Hey friend! I'm Kelly!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve at the highest level, unless it comes at the expense of your health and harmony.

On the surface, I had it all together. I had been running a successful network marketing business for more than a decade and was highly respected in the field. But on the inside, I was struggling. I had become so addicted to achievement that I was neglecting my relationships and my health. And that’s when my body forced me to stop.

I am leading the #peacefulperformer movement. I know that it is possible to live a life of both peace and profit and I am here to share it with as many women as possible!

Today, I am on a mission to help other women pursue their big calling—without losing their peace.

My coaching helps women:

Get clear on the life they want

Clear the path of what's been in the way

Confidently create the life they want

"I am living out the P E A C E  I desired for a long long time. This was the breakthrough I needed! My mind was always racing, I felt like I had to do “all the things” every single day. After taking action with the time management strategies, it was game changing and I was MORE intentional in every area of my life!"

Bethany H.

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