KBCo Resource Library

My best free resources for business and personal growth.

The Magnetic Offer

The offer that invites you to tap into your intuition, take the leap, and find out what is on the other side.



A sacred space of self-discovery for women like you to get clear on who you truly are, to define the life you really want, to break free from what's been blocking you and to take confident action to change your world.

This is the space for you to uncover your true essence and become the woman you most want to be.

Conscious LeadHer Mastermind

An immersive mastermind experience that has women learning how to quantum leap their "being" and stepping into their unlimited potential.

KBCo Coaching Certification

Learn from one of only 1,500 International Coaching Federation Master Coaches in the world, Komala Rohde, and Kelly Brock Co. CEO, Kelly Brock, as you sharpen your coaching skills using our proprietary framework along with ICF coaching strategies and tools that can be applied within any industry.

Students will spend 11 weeks learning and practicing what they need in order to guide clients first to their own inner alignment, then to their outer expression, and, finally, their resonant action steps.

Custom 1:1 Brand Build

Laser-focus your messaging, content, and offers so you can stop wasting your time talking to everyone and start talking to THE ONE. 

Private Mentorship

Work 1:1 with me as a private client


Versions of You Visualization

Unlock your higher self in this visualization.

Shift Series

You don't have to choose between enjoying your life and creating the life (and business) of your dreams. In this 3 workshop series, you will Envision, Release, and Create the shift you've been craving.


The energy of an expansive business.

A New Reality

Everything in your world is a response to your vibration.
Your blessings, you called it in.
Your problems…you caused it.
You are the creator of your experience.

And until you shift:

What you believe,
What you see,
And how you respond,

You will leave your limitless potential untouched and true power unmanifested.

This program is your guide to creating your new reality.

Peaceful Performer Foundations

A self-paced, business expansion program that helps you uncover who you authentically are, bring your soul led offers into the marketplace and only then  apply the perfect marketing strategies that magnetically attract clients in!