As 2023 nears it end,
it invites inspiration
for a new beginning.


A chance to leave the past
and open up to the possible. 


But it requires a shift in you.


New paradigm.
New eyes.
New response.

A new reality.


For the woman who knows the time is NOW.
To be.

To become.














These are the keys.

The requirements for a change that lasts in you. 

The paradigm.
The observer.
The response.


A new reality program is here.


We are closing 2023 in the creation of the new world we desire to wake to in 2024.


Are you ready?

Everything in your world is a response to your vibration.
Your blessings, you called it in.
Your problems…you caused it.
You are the creator of your experience.


And until you shift:

What you believe,
What you see,
And how you respond,


You will leave your limitless potential untouched and true power unmanifested.


What if what you believe about the world isn’t “Truth?”
What if changing what you look at in the world, changes the way you “see” the world?
What if instead of reacting to the world you were given, you become “RESPONSE-ABLE” and allow the universe to reorder to you?


But, there comes a moment for every empowered woman where she stands ready to break down the walls she once built,
to find out who came here to become.

She answered the call,

She is ready to create A New Reality.


The program will be delivered in 3 building blocks:


Success, love, money, spirit and what it means to be a woman, you will dismantle beliefs and trade the truths you were given for the ones you decide for yourself.


You create your reality every day based on where you give your attention, but it's time to go from unconscious to intentional. Develop the skills required for manifestation: intention, attention, hyper-presence.


In every moment the Universe responds to the vibrations you offer up. It senses your every energetic shift. Learn how to take creative control and personal responsibility and let your world respond accordingly.


A New Reality


This program will include:

  • 3 recorded teaching modules with Kelly Brock
  • 11 recorded activation mini-workshops corresponding to modules with Kelly Brock
  • Facebook community and support from your coaches, Kelly and Ana
  • 3 LIVE sessions with Kelly and Ana to offer support and aid in integration

A New Reality

Normally $1,111 - $888 for a limited time
A New Reality

3 monthly payments of $333.00 USD

If ANY of the following feel true, you can't afford to miss this series . . .

You're wondering if success will always cost so much.


You have seen success, but it was through pure willpower and pushing through. You are missing the moments that matter while you chase the next goal. You're waiting to "arrive" so that you can finally feel fulfilled.

You feel like you're always working but you aren't moving the needle.


You are in a pattern of searching and consuming information with the mindset that once you've learned everything then you will be ready to take action. You exhaust yourself in analysis paralysis, thinking about your business, but not taking action on what really matters.

You know what you want, but you can't seem to gain (and maintain) momentum.


You typically find the dreaming come easy, but the doing darn near impossible. You have a lot of BIG visions for your life, but you lack the action steps, frameworks, and consistency to make any of them happen.