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For the woman ready to discover the more inside her.


The Conscious LeadHer Mastermind is a 12-month hybrid 1:1 and group coaching experience where you will learn how to quantum leap your "being" and step into your unlimited potential.

Conscious LeadHer is for the woman who:

✨ Is leaning in because something in her is desiring it, wanting it, curious to understand.
✨ Is at the edge of herself saying “there has to be more.”
✨ Witnesses others expanding from a place beyond mindset and wants to experience what that feels like.
✨ Desires to know her personal power, to feel it, trust it, and lead from it.
✨ Knows there is magic in faith and belief and wants to know how to create from it.
✨ Believes she has a purpose from God and is ready to live out.
✨ Desires to be completely known in herself and with other women.
✨ Invests because she is ready to expand and become the woman who holds it all.

✨ She is ready to discover a life of miracles.

Here's what you can expect as a member of the Conscious LeadHer Mastermind:

  • Two 60-min 1:1 integration calls (one at the beginning and one at the end of your time)
  • Exclusive live monthly expansion trainings
  • Monthly deep dive group coaching
  • Monthly practices to enhance your expansion in and embodiment of that month's topic
  • 6 module Conscious LeadHer University pre-recorded lessons teaching the pillars of the Mastermind
  • Mastermind community of high vibration female leaders in private WhatsApp group
  • Complimentary access to any training or program I launch while you are a member of the mastermind, with the exception of other masterminds/1:1 offers

The Conscious LeadHer is:






She knows she is the adventure she has been waiting for.

12 Months in Conscious LeadHer Mastermind

12 payments of $1667 USD

Pay in full $18,000 USD

Financing available to get started for as low as $450/mo

Enrollment is closed for 2023

Join the waitlist for Spring 2024

Conscious LeadHer Mastermind

This journey will take a small group of high vibration women through an immersive expansion of awareness, authenticity, activation and abundance in your being for 6 months.  

Each month our small group of powerhouse women will hold space for three calls: 


A 90-Minute Expansion Session

In this session, Kelly will teach on that month’s theme of expansion. You will gain information that actually transforms rather than informs and will walk away with with a plan of activating that new discipline as you elevate in your next phase of growth. 


A 90-Minute Deep Dive Session

In this session, our mastermind community will have you spending time in rich dialogue, rich support and rich listening that comes from a high vibration network of women as you together step into your new level of potential and purpose.


A 90-Minute Guest Expert Experience

In this session, what you know, see and experience in the world around you will be transformed. You will be connected with some of the top leaders in Spirituality, Health, Success and Leadership assisting you in the awakening your true being.

In addition, you will also receive:

The Conscious LeadHer Private Island Experience

In August 2022 you will find yourself at a transformative private island escape at The Aerial BVI, an eco-resort in the British Virgin Islands known for “Purposeful Luxury.”

1:1 Integration

You will have two hours of coaching with Kelly to help facilitate the integration and activation of your expansion into a Conscious LeadHer.

Mastermind Community

You will be welcomed into a sisterhood of elevating, conscious leaders.

What The Women Of Conscious LeadHer Are Saying


Enrollment is closed for 2023

Join the waitlist for Spring 2024

You are here to make a deeper commitment to discovering the more of you that is inside so you can truly be in your purpose. If you listen and nurture that call, it will come into your life and take over. The adventure, authenticity, gifts, power, peace and magic of life will unfold effortlessly. 


Your heart already knows it's leaning in.

You can trust it.


The question now is “Are you ready to say yes to the MORE life has for you?

Enrollment is closed for 2023

Join the waitlist for Spring 2024