You don't have to choose between enjoying your life and creating the life of your dreams.


In this 90-minute workshop you will:
  • Get clear on what success looks like for you (personally and professionally)
  • Learn how to be in the energy of your vision (so you actually make it happen)
  • Experience your vision through a guided meditation led by me.
In this 90-minute workshop you will:
  • Gain awareness of the paradigms you've been living by that could be holding you back
  • Release everything that isn't serving you and weighing you down
  • Learn self-awareness practices you can begin implementing immediately
In this 90-minute workshop you will:
  • Take your big vision and break it down into aligned, energized, powerful action steps. Not just the next steps...the best steps.
  • Write your own rules. Instead of pushing for goals - let your vision pull you.

Optional Add-On

For the woman who knows information doesn't mean transformation . . . 
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In This Masterclass, You Will Learn:

The hidden headtrash keeping female business owners tired, burned out, and stuck. 

(HINT: it’s NOT about working harder!)

The 3 Biz Performer Personalities (what type you are) and how to shift them from being a liability in your success to being massive leverage...

The “Master Filter” that creates profit in your business WITHOUT sacrificing your sanity and your family...

A simple, 2 minute "energy shifting" exercise to unlock more possibility in your business IMMEDIATELY…

CASE STUDY: How a mom of 4 went from late nights and scraping by to making $7k/month in just a few short months...

And much, much more!

If ANY of the following feel true, you can't afford to miss this series . . .

You're wondering if success will always cost so much.


You have seen success, but it was through pure willpower and pushing through. You are missing the moments that matter while you chase the next goal. You're waiting to "arrive" so that you can finally feel fulfilled.

You feel like you're always working but you aren't moving the needle.


You are in a pattern of searching and consuming information with the mindset that once you've learned everything then you will be ready to take action. You exhaust yourself in analysis paralysis, thinking about your business, but not taking action on what really matters.

You know what you want, but you can't seem to gain (and maintain) momentum.


You typically find the dreaming come easy, but the doing darn near impossible. You have a lot of BIG visions for your life, but you lack the action steps, frameworks, and consistency to make any of them happen.


A note from Kelly (your personal guide to embracing your whole human self and magically manifesting the most profitable and joyful biz of your dreams)...


I have been an entrepreneur and coach to female business owners for over 11 years and I have watched THOUSANDS of women buy into a bandaid mentality for the success in their business. They think: more hard work, one more launch, this next coach, that next event, this next podcast or dreaming bigger will have the secret to their success and THEN they can finally be happy. But we all know how that ends. Satisfaction fades and they find themselves once again searching for the secret solution.

And girl, no one gets it like me. That was me. Bending myself to fit, trading my priorities for affirmation, applying business strategies that didn’t feel good and watching my health in all the areas of my life (like all of them) suffer dramatically.

It wasn’t until I embraced my Whole Human Self and grew all of ME to be in my business that my profits took off. In my first 6 months I made more money than I made the entire last year of my former career. Then I made 3 times that in my first 12 months. And it continued to grow. And to top that, the profits were showing up in all the important areas of my life. EVERYTHING was healthier, happier and in abundant growth.

“Wait, what???” I thought. “if I just embrace all parts of my whole I am MORE successful?” So I decided to teach to others. And the success stories were popping up like boy bands in the 90’s. They were everywhere!

I am ready to pass these shifts on to you during my Summer Shift Series that will have you quantum leaping the next three months without sacrificing your summer! 

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Peace and belief,