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Who you SHOULD be talking to when creating content


You might be talking to the wrong person on social media.

I see this happen all the time - we are on a team or in community with amazing women AND IT’S AWESOME . . . but then we spend all our time talking to each other

And I don’t just mean in the DMs . . . I mean in our content.

We develop these tight knit relationships and it’s so easy to forget that these people are not who we should be focusing on when creating our social media or email content.

When we are intentional about speaking to our ideal client we are bringing her closer, making her feel seen, inspiring her. That’s the first step in growing a business online. 

Before I post ANYTHING I ask myself, “Who is this for and why does she care?”

Don’t get tunnel vision and only speak to your sister coach or your sister consultant or the people in the mastermind you’re fired up about. You can support them by liking, commenting, and sharing their content.

But then go support...

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